Why fuse or suffer what can be healed?

Evidence Based, Regenerative Medicine: Delivered Through a Needle.

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  • What is orthobiologic disc repair for degerative disc disease?

    • There are essentially two pools of therapeutic cells and cytokines in the body, depending on the degree and site of degeneration:

      • We harvest your own stem cells and cytokines from a microinvasive marrow biopsy

      • We harvest your own platelets and cytokines from a venous blood draw.

    • We then place those cells and cytokines (your own signaling proteins for tissue repair and inflamation reduction) using this needles withing your discs, joints tendons or ligaments, depending on the locality of degeration and pain.

  • We manage degenerative disc disease and damaged spinal discs of all degrees, in all ages.

  • We are a destination regenerative medicine and spine practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • We have enormous experience not only with orthobiologics and regenerative medicine, but also with difficult to treat, complex spine and pain cases.

  • We are USA-ACGME Fellowship Trained, double boarded, interventional physiatrists actively involved in research, and the cutting edge of regerative spine medicine.

  • We use ONLY FDA approved methods of "minimaly manipulated" and "homologous use" in our patients.

  • We have a long track record and are highly respected physicians within the local, national and international community of interventional spine and pain medicine.

  • Low back pain is a common clinical problem and a major cause of physical disability, imposing a prominent socioeconomic burden.

    • Degerative disc disease DDD aka Intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD) has been considered the main cause of low back pain.

    • The current treatments have limited efficacy because they cannot address the underlying degeneration.

    • With an increased understanding of the complex pathological mechanism of DDD/IDD, various medications and biological reagents have been used for intradiscal injection for the treatment of LBP.

    • There is increasing clinical evidence showing the benefits of these therapies on symptomatic relief and their potential for disc repair and regeneration by targeting the disrupted pathways underlying the cause of the disease.

    • This site presents a brief overview of the potential and limitations for these therapies, based on the recent and available data from clinical trials and systematic reviews.

How Does the Process Take Place?

  1. In the procedure suite, we prep the skin and anesthetize the skin and the tissues, including the ilium (hip bone) for harvest.

  2. Then we make a small incision of less than a few millimeters in the skin and using fluoroschopic guidance, pass a needle to the ilium, and once numb, then into the middle of the ilium.

  3. We aspirate the marrow from the bone and then send it to the centrifuge.

  4. The centrifuge spins the marrow sample, separating it into its constituent cells.

  5. We take the layer of pluripotent cells and then using again fluoroscopic guidance plass a thin needle down and into the diseased disc and re-inject into the disc or layer onto damaged tissue.

Preparing To Harvest Marrow

MRI Evaluation

Preparing for Injection

Modified Pfirmann Grading

Degeneration= Catabolism>Synthesis